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How to avoid delays in your braces treatment plan

It is not unusual for us at Northlight Dental to hear patients ask about how long it will be before they will see results from their braces in Milton Keynes. The time frame used for braces in Milton Keynes will differ from patient to patient, as individual case situations and certain influential factors bear relevance.

Patients may not have much control over factors such as the positioning or size of gaps between their teeth, but this does not mean that they have no control of the orthodontic process. For patients this is some good news as this means there are steps they can take to help their braces in Milton Keynes treatment plans along.

It is a well-known fact that orthodontic treatment is no quick-fix solution and this together with the initial adjustment period to wearing a dental device may make patients anxious about starting on the teeth-straightening journey.

Tips for patients to ensure a smooth orthodontic treatment process

How dedicated you are in your dental hygiene regime

The most fundamental but most beneficial responsibility a patient has, is to look after their oral hygiene programme. Diligent brushing and flossing will lower the risk of dental problems that could impact on treatment plans

How well you adhere to the recommended guidelines set down by the supervising dental practitioner

Listening to and making sure you follow the advice of your supervising dentist is a non-negotiable. General advice pertaining to patients wearing conventional braces include restricting certain foods from one’s diet, while patients who wear clear plastic aligner trays will be advised to wear the devices for a minimum number of hours per day. With the latter option patients have a bit more flexibility in being able to remove them for a limited period.

Taking care not to break your orthodontic device

One of the common ways to disrupt an orthodontic treatment plan is when dental devices break or are damaged and patients fail to get them repaired or replaced. Damaged metal components in traditional orthodontic devices will render the device ineffective in straightening teeth and may even in some cases cause discomfort to the patient. Dents in aligner trays will have a similar effect on patients who use them, prolonging the length of time needed to correct teeth.

While all the patients on plastic aligner treatment plans may rejoice in the fact that they can remove the trays when need be, this poses an additional problem – the trays can get lost when not worn. A patient may forget to store them in the storage case as advised by the dentist and forget where they have placed the trays. The less time the device is worn in the mouth the more it lengthens the treatment plan time frame.

Practice patience

It is only human for patients to want to fast-track their orthodontic treatment plans to have that smile they have long dreamed of. The main thing is to be patient and know that if you do all that is required from you, you will see the final results that you want.

Do you have concerns about your specific orthodontic needs? Our dental practitioners at Northlight Dental will be happy to discuss with you your situation, to find the best way to grant you a dazzling sunny smile.

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