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Helping Nervous Patients Cope with Anxiety

The only thing worse than being nervous about something is when people dismiss those anxieties as unimportant. Nobody wants to feel the apprehension they do in certain situations, but those feelings aren’t going away just because other people tell them to. Our office has seen its fair share of nervous patients, and we talk to every single one of them before they even get on the chair.

Establishing Trust

It is important for every dentist to understand that they are not there to simply ease a patient over their anxiety for this one appointment; they are easing the anxiety for all appointments. It is impractical to think that a nervous patient will not need to go back to the clinic after a single appointment. They will need to see a dentist again, and it is up to the present dentist to ensure that the patient is ready for when that time comes.

The one and only way to calm an anxious patient is to convince them that the office is a safe place, and that the dentist is someone they can trust. This is actually one of the more enjoyable parts of being a dentist as it is one of the few times we can talk to their patients without the latter having their mouths open. The topic of conversation could be anything; the longer the patient shares, the more trust builds.

Getting to the Root

The process does not end when the patient begins trusting the dentists though; there is still a reason behind the anxiety and the dentist needs to understand what that is. The mistake most dentists make is that they tell their patients such fears are unfounded because it is another form of dismissal. Dentists should talk about why the patient feels the way they do and offer them the assurance that they are completely safe.

If you are looking for a dental office that understands what it feels like to go through dental anxiety, contact us today. We will talk to you and help you get through your appointment at your own pace and at your own comfort level.

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